It should be noted that in PET-applications, due to the varying sizes of the bottles produced, there is a need for flexible capacity; Flexibility in the system is often a decisive factor.


With FLEXPET the control air for the stretch blowing machine can be supplied directly at 10 bar, not expanded from 40bar as with multi-stage compressor solutions, this can save up to 40% on energy costs.

With FLEXPET it is possible to have a Frequency Controlled Base Load Screw Air Compressor, this will:

  • Eliminate off- load Operation ( Energy Saving)
  • Provide a constant delivery pressure, with no need to operate at higher pressures for On-Off Regulation ( Energy Savings)
  • Reduce the starting current & improve the Plants Power Factor

...has been designed for total flexibility and convenience. The individual components can be assembled on-site according to specific requirements and the prevailing site conditions.

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