(Authorised Dealers for M/s. Nederman India Pvt Ltd, Pune)


Nederman Products, Systems and Solutions help the Industries for Improved Workplaces and also in maintaining a CLEAN WORKING ENVIRONMENT.

Nederman has developed products and services to reduce the strain on the environment and protect people from harmful particles, fibres, dust, gas and smoke and oil mist for the past 60 years.

NEDERMAN products and services are being used worldwide which has helped in maintaining:
  • A clean and safe working environment
  • Less stress on the environment and people
  • Improved quality of the finished product
  • Improved production uptime
  • More effective production
  • Improved energy utilisation
  • Nederman develops and produces in its own manufacturing and assembly units in 8 countries.

Nederman Product Range:
Coolant Handling

  • Used for Coolant Handling / Purification
  • Oil / water, tramp oil, particles and bacteria separation

Distribution / Handling of different media

  • Reels for air, water, electricity, gases, exhaust fumes etc.
  • Oil, grease and waste oil handling

Extraction and Filtration

  • Dust and Particles
  • Welding Fumes
  • Exhaust Fumes
  • Solvents Gases & Odours
  • Explosive Substances
  • Oil Mist

Extraction from Sand / Grinding Tools and Welding Torches

Industrial Cleaning/Collection

  • Swarf and Scale rags Glass
  • Rust
  • Sand
  • Water/Mud
  • Oil Sludge
  • Metal Chipsbr

Oil Stripping and Tank cleaning

  • Collection of flammable liquids
  • Collection and transportation of mud, sludge, waste oil etc